I do business stuff.

Hey, baby!

'Burned-out entrepreneur/troubleshooter maintains limp web presence.'

In place of the old 'full' site here's a radically-slimmed new one…

Just a single page that rarely gets updated, with a fuzzy logo that I ought to re-Photoshop.

Who? What?

I'm gulliver (inexcusably pretentious name-change thing, that's my legal sur/whole name and the lower case 'g' is correct).

A business developer, through consults and ventures I design/build/repair businesses for myself and others.

My core skill is analysis & strategy, developed during the 30+ years I've been doing this stuff… usually at the sharp-end where the deals are done and the money changes hands.

Based in England, I work internationally.


Often unconventional, sometimes outrageously, although well-mannered I'm usually outspoken and often extremely direct—so don't be expecting Cary Grant with a briefcase.

My commercial culture leans toward, among others, Peters, Jobs, Ogilvy, Kawasaki, Godin, Cluetrain, Branson, Kalman, Smit, and Roddick.

Emphatically rejecting unspirited and ethically-compromised enterprise which simply exploits without putting anything back, I believe that great enterprise is built upon integrity, intelligence and energy.

And of course, you have to have fun doing what you're doing… in a relatively natural and satisfying way which doesn't require working crushing hours just to add zeros to a bank balance.

Simply: 'Too many businesses are dull, inauthentic and unethical… let's have ones which aren't.'

Stop. Start again.

It's no secret that I'm returning to full-time commerce after several years of part-time activity, during which things have been less than stellar.

With poor health and some even-poorer business decisions, it's been a commercially-flat and frustrating period of false starts & premature ends featuring various this-way-thatta-way direction changes to no great result.

Long-story-short is that I burned-out, lost interest in business, and should have stayed even further away from it than I did.

'That's life, move on…' with things now (December 2013) settled I'm back on course again, developing ventures and providing business advice & support services.

So, if you're interested and have something appropriate, tell me.

Shake some action?

Although still accepting some consulting gigs, my main focus is appropriate (interesting, challenging and rewarding) venture opportunities.

With several new projects in progress, I'm keen to develop fresh and meaningful associations with good collaborators.

The plan is simple: use my talent, experience and arrogance to grab the mid-seven-figs I need to get out again within five years.

(At 57, I'm getting too old for the shenanigans of commerce.)

So these aren't 'dipshit little enterprises that barely cover their costs before disappearing up their rear-end just a few months later'.

If you want to participate (and can bring expertise, enthusiasm, or money), tell me.

Want some help?

Although focusing on ventures, I'm still available for consults—but it has to be good stuff because life's too short to fool around with nonsense.

'So g, let me see if I got this straight)… you talk to people about business, and they pay you money?'

Almost. Not quite.

In my consults I have conversations with people about their business.

We talk about what they're doing and how things are going… problems, opportunities, what they want to do, etcetera.

Then I suggest ways to improve things, and help them do it.

'Ask, listen, guide…' that's what I get paid for.

My service is simple:

  • I provide clear and honest advice which usually works, at a fair price.
  • I don't accept work where I can't deliver good results.
  • I charge for expertise, not flattery. This is straightforward, no-nonsense, punches-not-pulled work for grown-ups.
  • In an uncompromisingly market-focused, results-oriented examination-and-analysis appraisal, I'll take a look at your stuff and suggest ways to dramatically improve it (and then, if asked, help you do just that).

If you can…

  • find me (done that, you're here);
  • interest me (not with the usual greed & stupidity-oriented crap—I continue to reject many of the requests I receive); and
  • afford me (it'll hurt*, but you'll get over it)…

…maybe we can do something together.

[*I still of course provide reduced/no-cost help to eco/social enterprise and other stuff on which I choose to work and where I'd otherwise be unaffordable.]

So, if you're interested and have something appropriate, tell me.

But… (2016 update).

Now fully occupied with my Honk Radio (Talk good business, play great music) project…

Unless there's a really-really-really good reason*, I'm no longer available for either business advice & support or collaborative ventures.

(Hence the strike-through text above.)

Examples of 'really-really-really good reason' include: we used to be married, or you're totally f*cked and need my help. Offering a sh*t-ton of money might (but not definitely) also do it.

Contact me.

Question… suggestion? I welcome sensible contact.

Here's how to reach me.

USA: 1-817-203-GLVR (4587)
UK: 01803 500 900.

They're 24-7-365 straight-to-voicemail.
I usually return calls within 48 hours—often same-day.