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'Burned-out entrepreneur/troubleshooter/fixer maintains limp web presence.'

In place of the old 'full' site here's a radically-slimmed new one… because I'm no longer looking for work, and hence don't need to pitch.

I'm now fully occupied with my Honk Radio (Talk good business, play great music) project…

So unless there's a really-really-really good reason* I'm no longer available for either business advice & support or collaborative ventures.

Examples of 'really-really-really good reason' include: we used to be married, or you're totally f*cked and need my help.

Offering a sh*t-ton of money might (but not definitely) also do it.

I'm still open to providing reduced/no-cost help to eco/social enterprise and other stuff on which I choose to work and where I'd otherwise be unaffordable.

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