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'I am, I said...'

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As can easily be seen, my presentation is often 'not normal'.

(I'm honestly not sure that, even if I wanted to, I could ever master anything remotely resembling 'usual'.)

There's never been anything particularly outlandish… it simply hasn't been the usual seemingly de-rigeur bullshit-nonsense whereby tepid-turgid-insincere corporate-speak has permeated to freelancers and small firms who speak in a wholly unnatural and disingenuous manner as part of an apparent effort to ingratiate themselves with unknown others in the hope of getting money from 'em.

In 'say what I mean and mean what I say' candidly… not to be insulting, but simply to be honest… my approach is to 'fright or delight' polarise people (and deter those with whom there'd not have been a match).

This is entirely deliberate, and strategic… helping turn what might otherwise be a weakness into an advantage.

'Advantage… howso?'

It's no secret that I'm not a fan of 'business as usual'. And although I often enjoy helping people, I've never been particularly enthusiastic about providing 'business advice & support' as a business.

Honestly, although (because of my natural talent and learned abilities & experience) I'm good at it, I consider it more as 'this is what one should do' rather than what I want to do.

So I've had to find ways to make things tolerable/sustainable etcetera for me.

I've rarely advertised, bothered with SEO, testimonials or such-like, and 'don't like it, don't want it' reject much/most of what's offered to me… if I don't like the task or the person I'll decline the gig.

And for years, I've preferred to operate on a 'pay what you consider appropriate' basis rather than a set/negotiable fee.


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