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'I am, I said...'

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I remember something Peter Drucker said… in response to 'You're your own boss; you have choice assignments; clients come to you, not vice versa. How can I get a life like that?'.

Ask yourself 'Why should the client be interested in me? What am I offering that the client wants?'

And you must think through what form your relationships with other people should take.

Since you can work masterfully with only a handful of clients, you must choose the best. I listen with my inner ear to choose the right client.

So, the way in which I present myself is firmly geared toward that.

The answer to 'why should the client be interested and what am I offering that they want', is clear and unambiguous…

A more-than-competent service writ-through with authenticity and specifically geared toward those who feel similar to me about various things.

And I smile at someone once saying: 'To be honest, I'm not sure I get him but at the same time I really, really want to.'

So yeah, it works and suits me (personally and commercially).

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