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Wait, then wait some more.

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What you been doing lately, g?

Not much. I've been on a break.

A prior note ('Limp.') explained my ongoing lack of optimal health… long-term burnout, from which apparently, genuine recovery begins with an extended period (months not weeks) of rest.

Here's a further twist…

(And again… 'What's here isn't to elicit sympathy. It's simply an explanation of fact.')

In Dec 2016 I had unexpected, albeit minor, surgery… the long-story-short consequence of which is an unintentionally-long and almost total break from commercial activity during much of 2017.

Almost certainly as a side-effect of anaesthesia, I experienced notable post-operative cognitive decline/impairment… a state of relative confusion in which it can become difficult to do previously simple things.

POCD manifests days or weeks after surgery, with impairment of cognitive functions… including memory, learning, concentration, and speed of mental processing.

Affecting surgical patients in all age groups over the short term, risk is greater (and recovery slower) in those aged 60+.

Simply, I haven't been the same since, and I'm still not 'ok' now (Apr 2018).

Throughout much of 2017 the 'absence of ability' continued… in May, I stopped even trying to work 'properly'.

Something which was becoming increasingly apparent, was that we all have limits and I'd reached mine.

Try eating a large curry when you just want a Coke, or to sleep…

You'll likely not do it.
Almost certainly not enjoy it.
And, after the nausea has passed, perhaps never want curry again.

Result: negative effect, of no benefit.

'But you can't just abandon a business… wander off for months.'

I agree. But…

I realised I just didn't have it in me… whatever I could have forced wouldn't have been enough, nor good enough.


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