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I welcome sensible contact.

Here's how to reach me…


Your info stays private: used only for the message, and never shared or sold.

For your convenience, a copy of your message will be sent to the email address you provide.

    Email, phone, street address…

    Why are they not available here?

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    I don't publish my email address, because…

    • 'Clickable links' to open an email app are unreliable (don't work with various browsers/devices).
    • Including an email address on-page in plain text invites spam.
    • Obfuscation (whether tech encoding or simply replacing '@' with 'at', or showing the address in an image) is unreliable.

    Use the webform above to send me a note, and you'll receive a response with my email address.


    I don't publish my phone numbers, because…

    I no longer take incoming calls (they distract me from what I'm doing), or bother with voicemail (it's often too time-consuming, reading a message is faster).

    If you want to speak, send a message requesting a call-back.

    Street address?

    I don't publish my address, because…

    I work from home, don't do meets here, and don't want 'I was in the area and decided to stop by' visits.

    If you want to mail something, or meet, send a message and I'll provide an appropriate US/UK address.

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