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I welcome sensible contact.

Here's how to reach me…


Think, write, click… 's easy.

Your info stays private: used only for the message, and never shared or sold.

For your convenience, a copy of your message will be sent to the email address you provide.

Please note: I get a lot of crap stuff (spam), which is efficiently filtered to trash without me seeing it… so, if you don't receive a reply to a 'sensible and respectful' message, it's perhaps because it was (mistakenly) so-filtered.

To reduce the likelihood of this, in the form below please preface your name with AS136 (that code is experimental and routinely changed).

    Email, phone, street address…

    Why are they not available here?

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    I don't publish my email address, because…

    • 'Clickable links' to open an email app are unreliable (don't work with various browsers/devices).
    • Including an email address on-page in plain text invites spam.
    • Obfuscation (whether tech encoding or simply replacing '@' with 'at', or showing the address in an image) is unreliable.

    Use the webform above to send me a note, and you'll receive a response with my email address.


    I don't publish my phone numbers, because…

    I no longer take incoming calls (they distract me from what I'm doing), or bother with voicemail (it's often too time-consuming, reading a message is faster; plus I've had too many mis-dials and robo-calls to my USA and UK numbers).

    If you want to speak, send a message requesting a call-back.

    Street address?

    I don't publish my address, because…

    I work from home, don't do meets here, and don't want 'I was in the area and decided to stop by' visits.

    If you want to mail something, or meet, send a message and I'll provide an appropriate US/UK address.

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