Set the controls for the heart of the sun… or not.

Hey, baby!

'Burned-out entrepreneur/troubleshooter+fixer maintains limp web presence…'

Makeover currently in progress, so expect broken links and other goofery.

I'm g, and this is my business site.

It's an introductory placeholder rather than pitch, because…

I'm now fully occupied with my own venture projects…

So unless there's a really-really-really good reason, I'm no longer available for either business advice & support or collaborative ventures.

I do business stuff.

Since 1978, I've designed/built/repaired businesses for myself and others.

Often unconventional, sometimes outrageously, although well-mannered I'm usually outspoken and often extremely direct—so don't be expecting Cary Grant with a briefcase.

My core skill is analysis & strategy, developed during the 40+ years I've been doing this stuff… usually at the sharp-end where the deals are done and the money changes hands.

Based in England, I work internationally.