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My work.

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I do business stuff...

Since 1978, through consults and ventures, I've designed/built/repaired businesses for myself and others.

Based in England, I work internationally.

Streetwise-smart rather than academically-schooled, I don't come with an MBA education grounded in blue-chip corporates.

Instead, my expertise and experience has developed over many years… usually at the sharp-end where the deals are done and the money changes hands.

My core skill is analysis and strategy…

Assess a situation (problem or opportunity), and identify/present available options, then consider/suggest/implement what's appropriate.


In my own projects and client work…

'No-nonsense, punches-not-pulled work, for grown-ups'… in preferring objective and constructive critique to feel-goodery praise, if something is 'not ok' I'll be upfront and open about it, finding and fixing stuff accordingly.

Passion and enthusiasm are fine, essential even. And so's reality…

In favouring truth and pragmatism I've no time for fantasy, and having encountered far too many businesses in which dreaming and delusion are seemingly essential I'm unapologetic about a hard-edged-view examination-and-analysis appraisal and strategy.

So yeah, I'm happy to be 'the guy who shouts 'Iceberg!' while others are enjoying the view'.

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