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I do business stuff...

I provide a variety of short-term and ongoing services.

I build businesses—for myself and others.

Since 1978, through ventures & consults, I've designed/built/repaired businesses for myself and others.

Often unconventional, sometimes outrageously, although well-mannered I'm usually outspoken and often extremely direct—so don't be expecting Cary Grant with a briefcase.


My core skill is analysis and strategy.

Streetwise-smart rather than academically-schooled, I don't come with an MBA education grounded in blue-chip corporates.

Instead, my expertise and experience has developed over many years… usually at the sharp-end where the deals are done and the money changes hands.

My commercial culture leans toward, among others, Peters, Jobs, Ogilvy, Kawasaki, Godin, Cluetrain, Branson, Kalman, Smit, and Roddick.

Emphatically rejecting unspirited and ethically-compromised enterprise which simply exploits without putting anything back, I believe that great enterprise is built upon integrity, intelligence and energy.

And of course, you have to have fun doing what you're doing… in a relatively natural and satisfying way which doesn't require working crushing hours just to add zeros to a bank balance.

Simply: 'Too many businesses are dull, inauthentic and unethical… let's have ones which aren't.'

Based in England, I work internationally.