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Wanted: co-conspirators.

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Work together?

I welcome appropriate association with individuals and organisations who can help me do my stuff.

This includes…

  • Providers of various services, to whom I can outsource tasks.
  • Co-ventures with collaborative partners participating (through bought-or-earned equity) in single or multiple projects of mine.

Participation can be…

  • Part/full-time, short/longer-term.
  • Oriented to specific tasks, or more wide-ranging.

Geographic location is irrelevant.

And I'd be particularly happy to have someone (less creative, more disciplined) working closely with me, on various projects and activities.

In what may seem contradictory…

Although open to co-venture collaboration on my own projects, I'm no longer actively seeking it.

I instead prefer to 'keep it to myself'… by self-funding, and hiring the required services. It's easier and less hassle/frustration.

Previously I've preferred co-ventures in which I have partial ownership and a semi-passive guide-and-coordinate role, with an appropriate individual co-owning and actively anchoring the business.

Nowadays, though…

By using various services to streamline and automate much activity, and extensive outsourcing, I'm able to have that semi-passive role and full ownership.

But I'm still open to appropriate co-venture collaboration.


Although my work is a commercial venture undertaken for profit, there's more to it than just money…

I utterly reject alliances based on anything other than open & honest, no-nonsense, non-exploitational, authenticity.


If you're curious or serious, this is not a time to be shy.

Tell me what you can do and what you want in return. Let's then agree a sensible deal and get on with it.