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Workin' on it.

10-9-8-7-6-5. Etcetera.

I usually have a few projects in-progress or planned.

Some big, others small, either profit-oriented or of social benefit… they comprise a variety of stuff I'm ok about doing, and for which there's reasonable commercial potential.

'Maybe, baby…'

Some won't and don't get beyond 'good idea, but currently too busy or no longer fits'.

They provide options, to choose what I do and respond accordingly to market and other considerations.


  • The majority are almost wholly digitally-oriented-and-delivered services, many of which can utilise repurposed third-party content (and so reduce the workload).
  • Some are relatively simple and unonerous, with a light workload… for example, a book or blog-type website.
  • There's various similar/crossover elements which can be shared among projects, thus enabling workload to be reduced.
  • Some can be geographically localised (and/or otherwise sector-segmented), and are thus suitable for licensing.
  • It's not necessary for all of them to be developed into fully operational businesses… by rough-shaping the concept and strategy, adding a domain + demo site + Facebook page, they're saleable as a 'here's what to do, now go get on with it' 'mini-biz'.
  • Some have previously been active then discontinued during my time-out… and so for these, much of the initial work has been done.


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