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Workin' on it...

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10-9-8-7-6-5. Etcetera.

I usually have a few of my own projects in-progress or planned.

And, 'small pieces, loosely joined'… they're definitely 'projects', not necessarily individual businesses. This is an important distinction…

Just like a record/book/movie/painting/house etcetera, 'project' is a creative piece which 'one makes and moves on from, to something else' and doesn't need to be structured as an independent business; several can be combined within a single enterprise.

Some big, others small—either profit-oriented or of social benefit, or attention-getting and lead-generating feeders for other projects of mine… they comprise a variety of stuff I'm ok about doing, and for which there's reasonable commercial potential.

  • All are US- and/or Uk-oriented.
  • The majority are almost wholly digitally-oriented-and-delivered provision of information services.

  • Many can be 'we search and sift so you don't have to' aggregator-based, presenting curated extracts of content from external sources and with appropriate 'discover more' links to the source.

    I'm keen on 'curation rather than generation' because there's sooooo much potentially appropriate content available, and which is becoming increasingly 'buried' (difficult to find) among the ever-expanding morass of less-worthy (and often deceptively-titled clickbait) stuff in circulation.

    Curation can provide genuine benefit to users, with information of a better quality and variety. It's faster and easier than newly generated content and additionally reduces cost and workload.

  • There's various similar/crossover elements of format/content/development which can be shared among projects (enabling cost and workload to be reduced).

  • Some are relatively simple and unonerous, with a light workload: for example, a book (digital rather than print).

  • Various sub-projects can undertake specific activity and/or be geographically-oriented and/or sector-segmented toward appropriate niches, and may thus be suitable for licensing (and so further reduce workload).

  • It's not necessary for all projects to be developed into fully operational businesses… by rough-shaping the concept and strategy (and with an intro to and overview thereof), adding a domain + demo site + social media account(s) they're early-stage saleable as a 'here's what to do, now go get on with it' 'mini-biz'—yes, really.

  • Some have previously been active then discontinued during my time-out… and so for these, much of the initial work has been done (thus reducing the workload).

Revenue sources are variously one-or-more of the 'four M's':

  • Membership (subscription).
  • Merchandise (sell stuff/affiliate).
  • Mention on-site (adverts/directory).
  • Move it on (sell the site).

I do have an onsite list of projects, to which I currently restrict access (password-protected page) and so we'll pass by that for now.

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