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Endless spectrum of possibilities?

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Ideas just come… I don't sit down to consciously think what could I do.

I've previously said, entirely seriously, that if at breakfast someone came along and took away everything on which I was working…

By lunchtime I'd likely have five-or-ten replacements roughed-out.

And it'd likely all be sensible stuff for which 'there's a gap in the market, and a market in the gap'.

So I don't 'go looking for stuff', and if something comes to mind I'll often act on it.

I prefer this to restricting my thinking by inappropriate 'no, stop' pre-judgment which might lead me to prematurely abandon a potentially good idea.

I think this has parallels with brainstorming sessions, in which participants are encouraged to suggest whatever comes to mind (rather than self-censor); the entirely reasonable assumption being that this may often contain useful stuff which can subsequently be assessed for appropriateness and feasibility, and that from quantity will come quality.

Simply… thought and work on 'bad ideas' often leads to better ideas and thought and work which can be re-purposed rather than wasted.

Of course there's a balance between 'abundant' and 'folly', but I don't pretend to have it and I'm fully aware of how I 'over-conceive'… adding stuff which potentially increases my workload to a degree which by some standards (and, at times, mine) appears to be sheer madness.

I used to worry about this, beating-myself-up over 'seeing and inventing further possibilities' rather than 'stick to and focus on one/few things'.

Then I wised-up, and accepted (albeit uneasily) that often not being able to restrict my thinking is what I do and it's ok…

An artist's role is to create something interesting or functional (or to entertain).

I'm not at all comfortable in considering myself an artist… it seems precious and is definitely a tad feeble for an activity like business which is often rather robust.

(I'm also very uncomfortable with 'entrepreneur' and 'businessman'. Hell, please no. 'Creator' perhaps? No, I think not.)

But, not just 'something to do with paint or sculpture', art is a diverse range of activity and resulting product… any creative work of a human being.

Importantly… it's always my view that project ideas provide options from which I can choose, rather than a desire or intent to do them all.


I'm ok about having a surplus of ideas which provide options.

Not all ideas become concepts, and not all concepts will become active projects. Additionally, not all active projects will remain active or develop into launched enterprise.

Some will stop simply because I've changed my mind and priorities, while some become impractical or less desirous due to a change in external conditions—perhaps because of other participants in the relevant business sector.

And, as already noted, there's a variety of strategic benefits/advantages in having multiple projects—including shared crossover elements which reduce workload and cost.

So it's not as daft as it may initially seem (although I have to frequently remind myself that just because something is a good idea and is worth doing doesn't mean I should).

And yes, although perhaps a flaw it's relatively minor in terms of potential wastage of time and effort and money (on stuff which doesn't get developed)—certainly when the potential upside of a successful and profitable project is considered. So it's also a strength.

Of course I realise that commercial success depends on effectively 'delivering' ideas, but I don't share the view that 'ideas are worthless, it's execution that counts'.

Ideas do have value, and execution can be relatively simple and straightforward.

It's quick'n'easy to 'put something out there, particularly in an undeveloped see-what-happens way'… whereupon often 'it takes on a life of its own' and things which had hitherto not been apparent and/or could not have been forseen, and for which one couldn't have pre-planned, become clear (in good and bad ways), enabling appropriate adjustment and keep-or-kill decisions to be taken.

Simply, it's part of 'my work' to conceive and initially rough-shape, create something from almost nothing. (Additionally, I'm fully able to 'execute' when required, though it's not my preferred role.)

Am I being naive? No, I'm not.

One way to consider this is that I'm 'songwriter, not singer'.

My strength has always been developing ideas and strategy.

And execution is relatively straightforward, the actions required to market something are well-known—a defined path to follow.

And though I've too-often been lousy at executing (because it bores me and is not my preferred choice of activity)—it's relatively easy to hire the talent to execute and manage.


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