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Advice & action.

Ask, listen, guide...

I provide a variety of short-term and ongoing business advice & support services.

'So g, let me see if I got this straight…'

'You talk to people about business, and they pay you money?'

Almost. Not quite.

In my consults I have conversations with people about their business.

We talk about what they're doing and how things are going… problems, opportunities, what they want to do, etcetera.

Then I suggest ways to improve things, and help them do it.

'Ask, listen, guide…' that's what I get paid for.

It's all very simple… when you strip away the complexity there's only three things you need to know in business…

  • What to do.
  • How to do it.
  • And some appreciation of why.

Of course, it also helps to have an ally who can either do the work or knows whom to call to ensure that principle makes it to practice. And, at risk of sounding a little glib, that's the stuff I cover… 'delivering solutions'.

Much of my work has been mentoring and counselling, often longer-term.

As noted, nowadays only in very limited circumstances am I available for advice & support.

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