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'Speaking and listening.'

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'Sometimes you need answers, other times you simply (?) need to be heard.'

Mentoring… huh?

Mentoring is a relationship between two people.

  • It's usually relatively longer-term—three months or more as a minimum, though often ongoing for years.
  • It provides an opportunity for somebody to speak with someone who understands and cares, about issues and concerns in their life and/or business.
  • It can include elements of personal and professional coaching… encouraging and inspiring and motivating guidance to help someone reach and maintain/expand their full potential, through developing increased awareness/confidence/capabilities toward reaching their objectives and achieving more.

'And sometimes it's good to just talk…' so, in addition to the stuff above, my mentoring includes a 'How's your day been, honey?' service.

It can get lonely as boss of a business.

Cue Mr Springsteen: 'I just want someone to talk to, and a little of that human touch.'

My sessions are well-suited to:

  • Get-it-off-your-chest debriefs on what's happening with specific things.
  • Sounding-out ideas.
  • Griping about the crappy day/week/month you've had.

My sessions can be from 15-minutes to an hour, and usually weekly or monthly—with an 'emergency' ad-hoc 'call anytime' for more immediate needs.

They're almost always done by phone—not video.

Format is simple: you speak and I listen. And when appropriate, I speak and hopefully you listen.

The whole thing is laid-back and relaxed, and can be a good pick-me-up—restoring a person's energy, improving their mood, or generally lifting their spirits.

As noted, nowadays only in very limited circumstances am I available for advice & support and/or mentoring.

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