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'Problems and solutions.'

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'Huh... what, who, how, why?'

A core element of my work is literally telling others what to do.

I provide advice on a diverse range of issues. And fix problems.

Many solopreneur/small/medium enterprises, whether new or established, though competent/good at their core service, aren't so clued-in on the business side of things…

They're often not fully aware of their operational requirements: the strategy and products/services necessary to smoothly and profitably operate and grow the business.

Simply: they don't know enough about what to do, and how to do it, and why.

This hampers their operation, reduces profit, and impedes growth.

I consider it's important to 'know what you don't know'—to at least realise that there's stuff of which we should be aware, but aren't… and I often encounter people who don't realise or understand and/or won't accept this—often becoming defensive and aggressive about it.

We all have gaps in our knowledge, and that's ok—it can't be any other way.

Hell, when I first became self-employed in '78, much of my doing was characterised by hope and optimism rather than realism, with a huge amount of stuff I hadn't even thought about or didn't know was important.

(And throughout the many (40+) years I've been building my own businesses and advising others, to keep my knowledge current and relevant I've had to continuously study and absorb a variety of information—despite which, I still have gaps now.)

'Do this, then that…' sometimes my input is literally just answering a single specific question. Other times, it's looking at what's being done and suggesting appropriate action.

  • I can advise what to do, how to do it, and why.
  • Also specifically what products/services/etcetera to buy, and from where to get them.

My advice and support helps with planning and managing the various and diverse processes/practices/etcetera of a business, to ensure it runs smoothly with minimised cost/maximum profit and can grow appropriately.

(That sounded a bit salesy, and the next bit will too—sorry.)


'All that. And more. Not only, but also…', a quick, top-of-my-head a-z of such aspects includes:

Administration, advertising, branding, coaching, customer service, finance, getting started, goal setting, hiring, internet, leadership, legal issues, management, marketing, motivation, networking, personal growth, personnel, presentation, problem solving, promotion, prospecting, research, retailing, selling, strategy, teamwork, technology, time management, tools, training, vision, writing.

Jeez. That's more than thirty things to consider.

Am I an expert at all of these?

Hell, no—I'd have to be some kind of super-brain.

Instead, I have good and wide (extensive) generalised knowledge and experience with which I'm able to 'overview advise'. And, that which I don't know I'm able to quickly find out and use accordingly.

And then, 'tell me where it hurts, and I’ll tell you who to call…' where required I'll introduce an appropriate specialist for further help and provision of a specific product/service.

So yeah, 'I know a man (and ladies) who can…'.

In assisting and guiding, I favour that 'give someone a fish' thing… y'know, the 'teach them to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime' stuff.

So along with the who/what/how answer, I often provide additional explanatory/background info relevant to understanding 'why'.

It's a 'make you think, and help you understand' desire…

To enable a firmer grasp of business and ensuring you're far better placed to prosper in an activity (business) which is a lot tougher than many would have you believe.

'I understand that I need to gain new knowledge and skills, and I've a willingness to learn. I appreciate your help.'

(That sounded a bit salesy, too. Sorry, again.)

Simply, 'I save and make people money', by sharing my knowledge, skills, and experience.

As noted, nowadays only in very limited circumstances am I available for advice & support and/or mentoring.

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