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Do I want the gig?

My intro page states that 'unless there's a really-really-really good reason, I'm no longer available for business advice & support or to collaborate on ventures'.

And just what might be 'really-really-really good reason' is a loose consideration… dependent upon the people and the work to be done.


I'm still open, albeit not hugely enthusiastically, to providing my services to 'stuff which is sufficiently interesting' (particularly appropriate eco/societally-worthwhile enterprise).

In a little more detail, for clarification:

I do what I do for a combination of reasons:

  • #1 I enjoy it – solving a problem, or identifying an opportunity and/or developing it.
  • #2 It helps someone.
  • #3 Money.

Solving a problem or developing an opportunity solely for the sake of it is never reason enough.

Helping someone might be reason enough, but not always—perhaps because I don't like the person or the task, or can't spare the time.

Money is of course to some degree relevant, but is itself never reason enough for me to engage… simply, I'm not hugely motivated by money and won't do stuff unless I either enjoy it and/or it helps someone—and I respect/like that person (who could perhaps be a stranger to me).


My 'do I, don't I?' criteria are…

I have to respect/like the person, and the task should be enjoyable/satisfying/agreeable to me—though I will sometimes do stuff which I'd prefer not to, solely to help someone (who might be a stranger to me).

I realise I haven't explained this as clearly as I would've liked, and hope my point is understood.

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