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Roll, again.

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Not so much 'come back', as 'go forward'.

It's now mid-January 2022 and, returning after an extended absence, I'm re-energising and becoming active again.

I've not done much in recent years, having been too unwell and lacking the desire to 'do business'.

Even before I got 'genuinely ill' in 2018 (cancer and a subsequent associated significant adverse-reaction-to-meds-induced physical and mental health malfunction) things had become less than ideal… a commercially-flat and frustrating period of false starts and premature ends featuring various stop-and-start-again this-way-thatta-way direction changes to no great result.

I'd burned-out, lost interest, and should have stayed even further away from things than I did.

So, 'proper illness' has to a degree been beneficial… providing a work-free period in which to rest and re-evaluate.

Unable to operate and develop them appropriately, I paused/closed and withdrew all active projects.

I can't pretend to be enthusiastic about much of what's considered 'business as usual' nowadays; amid rampant mediocrity, there's too much which is simply vapid or is predatory and blatantly exploitational.

Also, there's many seem to have read and believed the kind of stuff in those 'become an instant expert' e-books which have surfaced in recent years.

And I've spent too much time with those who don't know what they don't know, and want praise rather than informed and objective guidance which'll help them improve.

This is largely why I'm no longer keen to provide advice & support to others… it's rare that I can be appropriately interested in what others are doing.

More importantly though, I prefer to use my talent and experience and time differently and more wisely…

Rather than getting paid by-the-hour/task/solution, I'll instead focus on venture projects in which I can 'literally get paid while I sleep' and additionally develop value to be released on subsequent sale of the enterprise.

And I have few projects, not all of which'll get done (but I prefer to have options, for stuff which can be developed if desire and resources permit), which should enable me to do exactly that.

So yeah, on I go… restarting at an age by which many others are settled and easing off. Oh well.

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