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Should I stay or should I go?

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It's six months since I added a note outlining my continued time-out and reluctance to return to 'normal' (ha!) activity…

All things considered, the option of eschewing business… in favour of pottering in the garden, enjoying The Magic Flute, and other such leisure pursuits, feels bl**dy inviting right now.

We'll see.

So, after some further thought during a period in which I've maintained only a minor and loose relationship with 'toil'…

  • I'm 67 (soon to be 68) years old, with cancer and a cardiac issue, plus a few other things 'not right, need fixing'. So 'longevity' isn't on any agenda of mine, and it might be wise to 'enjoy what time I have'.
  • I'm no fan of business anyway—among the dominant population of which are far too many charlatans, chancers, and clueless idiots… peddling instant ('buy this!') fixes, many of which are spewed by fake experts (who clearly *are* fake and *aren't* expert).

    And then there's the buttoned-down over-serious types, the alpha-males, and the so-called 'visionaries'. Did I also mention the self-obsessed 'grandiose narcissists'? Please, don't get me started.

  • And I'm ok for money, so I don't need to work.

So, excuse me if I don't enthusiastically rush to rejoin the world of commerce.

Thanks, Joe.Yeah, that sounds a whole load more fun and a better use of available time and energy.


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