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Simple. Understate.

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Less of this, and none of that.

I've deliberately chosen a simple site structure and layout… mostly text-based and with few graphics, to present relevant info without distraction.

Strictly no-frills, it's not too hideous. And with most of the words spelled correctly it'll do.

Consider it a 'demo tape' interim conversation-opener prepared for prospective partners, associates, and anybody else who may be interested.

It's all very dialed-down… no hype, and hopefully nothing too-salesy.

There's a distinct absence of 'car chases and explosions'… the attention-getting headlines, big bold 'get it now!' call-to-action buttons, and the plethora of other stuff which is often used to… ahem… 'guide' readers.

I'm fully aware that to some this'll come across as dull and boring.

Oh well, such is life. I can live with the crushing disappointment.

Seriously though… I'm genuinely not bothered, because most of those with whom I do business understand and welcome this stance.

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