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What, how, and why. Etcetera.

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Because my character and activity isn't always business-as-usual, some additional clarification is probably wise.

Rather than get into a debate about 'over-communication'… what it is and whether it's preferable and/or advantageous, I'll simply state my preference to over-communicate:

'It's often better to tell someone something they already know, or maybe thought was irrelevant, than to not say something they needed to hear'.

How much is enough? How much is too much?

I don't know, and it varies and depends. I'm certain that many under-communicate.

I find a basic explanation of why something is as it is to be useful and sometimes essential… for example at an electricity substation on a sign proclaiming 'keep out' it'd be appropriate to include 'high voltage, danger of death'.

It's a simple 'what it is, why, and a potential consequence'.

I'd rather tell, and thus remove doubt, than leave someone wondering or unaware of pertinent information.

So, with an informal tone, that's what I'll do… adding detail and perspective, either here in 'Notes' or elsewhere onsite.

  • I'll try to keep 'em short, but to help reduce potential misunderstanding I'd rather say too much than too little… so it may get a little chatty at times.
    Those who're disinterested can simply stop reading, which is probably better than having someone else still wondering about something I didn't cover.
  • Likely it'll not all be relevant, at times inappropriately raising and/or dwelling on relatively inconsequential issues. And I'll probably forget to mention something pertinent, so if you've questions please ask.
  • They won't be regular; this isn't a blog where I'm trying to develop an audience by providing a daily dose for feedback and comment, so I'll add stuff as it arises (perhaps a few at a time).


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