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'Think: dating site.' (Yes, really.)

I write about 'personal stuff' here (and elsewhere on-site) when I consider it relevant to my commercial activities.

Some'll of course say that personal stuff has no place in business, and that including it on a business site is inappropriate.

I don't agree and that's not how I operate.

The 'people buy people' thing can be highly relevant, and authentically revealing elements of one's personality and life shows honesty and can help build credibility and trust.

My experience over many years is that being proactively open and authentic about character and personality often leads to better commercial relationships (and less time and energy expended on exploring unsuitable ones) through being a powerful and effective means of connection (or rejection)… similar to dating sites, it encourages 'know more' or 'no more'.

And often things which seem irrelevant can be significant… I heard one such example this morning, whereby someone casually mentioning conversational-style that they 'didn't even own a wristwatch' was of tangible affinity-building benefit.

I also don't own a wristwatch, and haven't for probably thirty years (although as a teen I did have a Speedmaster). My final watch was a fondly remembered hand-me-down ten dollar Timex from one of daughters.

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