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R-s-s baby… get it.

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Originally written several years ago, when I was actively seeking and accepting new work (and this part of the site was frequently updated), some of this note is irrelevant nowadays… but the underlying reasoning remains and so it's here.

My 'updates' page outlines various options for keeping-up with what's happening here.

I don't provide an email newsletter. Why? Surely a newsletter is a good thing?

Perhaps. And there's other ways of delivering and receiving such info.

Side-stepping the issue of whether newsletters are a genuine convenience to readers or simply a marketing ploy (and I've seen far too many of the latter), there's other considerations which suggest that, despite their popularity, using a regular email newsletter to deliver updates and special offers might not be the best option.

  • It requires extra time and money to produce and deliver.
  • Many emails don't get delivered (caught by spam filters).
  • Many don't get read (people are too busy).
  • They're increasingly widely considered as 'simply a sales ploy & pitch'.
  • Unless the newsletter comprises exclusive info that's not available onsite, it's out of date when it arrives… perhaps a week/month old depending on the frequency of the newsletter.
  • And if it's info that's not onsite, circulation is restricted because the number of people who receive it is only a fraction of website visitors.

I consider there to be a better way of conveying relevant information, with advantages for myself and readers.

So, rather than send messages to a mailing list, I use these 'notes', in combination with RSS (a content distribution method).

Any and every update, news item, freebie, special offer, etcetera, that could have been sent by email will instead appear here.

And through RSS, anything added here is 'available everywhere, instantly'.

So I'm thus able to spread info faster (than with a conventional daily/weekly/monthly newsletter) and further (available to everybody rather than just those who're receiving email updates).

Of course, I still have to inform whomever's interested that there's new stuff… and so I suggest 'never miss a post'… get 'em as they're published.

And because I also provide an option to receive my RSS feed by email, those who prefer to receive updates that way can easily do so.

This way, nobody loses-out and I gain by freeing-up the time and money which would have been spent on a newsletter.


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