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'Please allow me to introduce myself...'

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Me, myself, I.

Inexcusably-pretentious name-change-thing, 'gulliver' (minus the quote marks) is my legal sur/whole name… so yes, it's a mononym - a one-word name (I have no forename), and that lower-case 'g' is correct.

Those who know me, call me 'g'… (yep, lower-case and minus those quote marks).


Although I don't enjoy writing about myself, I recognise that some info about me is relevant.

Never afraid to go into what may be (and at times genuinely is) too much detail, for many years I've had a 'disclosure plus' attitude of being open and upfront about myself and my character… including flaws and weaknesses, etcetera.

Providing copious amounts of information has been part of how I prefer, and build, long-term relationships.

Getting potentially relevant info into circulation early helps interest to cease or continue, and thus reduces the time and energy which would be wasted exploring inappropriate relationships.

I'm often surprised at how some enter business relationships with seemingly no more thought than buying a six-pack of black socks.

So, as the song says:

'I'm saying these things so you know me, baby… so, you understand what I'm all about.'

But now I'm no longer seeking work or potential partners & associates, it's not necessary or relevant and so I've removed much of it.

Additionally, as I no longer post on social media there's no scene-of-crime clues to be found elsewhere.

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