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Maybe, baby.

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A brief sit-rep.

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Since the most recent note - now more than a year ago - my activity hasn't been how I'd expected.

In returning to business after a lengthy time-out, rather than dive-in to resuming full-time work, I've restricted myself to part-time activity… and in saying 'part-time' I mean 'do very little'.

Health issues continue to be a factor, there being times when I'm genuinely not sufficiently well to work in an appropriate way.

Although the cancer hasn't notably bothered me, ongoing fatigue (CFS) is a continuing impediment… and not helped by a developing cardiac issue. Oh well. 🙂

But honestly, these are a relatively minor element of my desire and decision to to 'stay away'.

I too often simply haven't been in the mood. As I've previously noted:

I can't pretend to be enthusiastic about much of what's considered 'business as usual'… amid rampant mediocrity, there's too much which is either blatantly exploitational or simply vapid.

And, though I of course realise what I've been preaching for years 'you don't have to do stuff like all the others do', my ability to tolerate both the 'I am mighty, hear me roar' chest-beating shenanigans and the whole guy-shirt-and-tie regimen is much less nowadays…

'LinkedIn, etcetera' is a world in which (at my relatively advanced age of 67) I even-more simply don't want to be.

It's only marginally more appealing than using a lump of stovewood to bang a large rusty nail through the bridge of my nose.


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