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More 'Oregon hippy commune' than Wall Street.

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'I ain't the one you want baby, I ain't the one you need.'

In choosing to understate, I don't 'sell' or do chest-besting show-of-strength stuff… for me business isn't a process of persuasion, it's authentically reaching those with whom there's natural affinity.

As part of this I never provide testimonials from clients.

They rightly remain confidential.

I expect potential clients and associates to use their own best judgement on whether my service is appropriate for them and decide accordingly… bluntly, 'if you've doubts, walk away'.

So, with all of this in mind…

Emphatically rejecting unspirited and ethically-compromised enterprise which simply exploits without putting anything back… I like to be friendly, collaborate rather than compete, and charge less than I could.

Of course, this may be a tad too utopian.


  • As an aid toward being more effective and enjoying a better work:life balance… in under- rather than over-working and with frequent time-out periods of inactivity, I've absolutely no interest in 'spinning nine plates and eyeing-up a tenth'.
  • Favouring 'relaxed and laid-back' rather than buttoned-down uptight, I'm always 'joggers and t-shirt/hoody' (literally) casual (I no longer even own a shirt/tie or similar formal clothing).
  • No fan of 'travel & meetings', for many years (long before remote-working became in vogue) I've provided my services remotely.
  • I 'Nah - not for me, don't want it' reject much/most of what's offered to me… if I don't like the task or the person, I'll decline the gig.
  • Fees for my advice and support work have, for many years, been 'pay what you consider appropriate - based on how you value what you receive, and what you can afford'.
  • The continuing acquisition of 'prestige, power, and wealth' is of absolutely no interest to me.

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