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Respect and honesty.

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I try to present myself honestly and authentically, and not attempt to persuade or manipulate.

I'm encouraged by Carl Sagan, who spoke of our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another.

I prefer (and try to build) commercial relationships founded upon a genuine personal connection… at least as best as can be achieved when money-changing-hands is involved.

This is not a 'doorstep deal with the Avon lady' scenario.

I favour fewer and deeper associations than the usual weak, mediocre, superficial and compromised dross that so many accept… often just brief encounters of no greater durability than the morning mist.

Rather than a pleasurable/satisfying exchange, they're commonly an arduous (and sometimes tortuous) process… which begins and continues despite (rather than because of) what's done, isn't very good, and ends in apathy or grief (often because a five-cents-cheaper alternative presents itself).

The best vendor/client relationships are a proper relationship based on mutual respect.

Any hint of 'process' and 'procedure' is the kiss-of-death.

Things have to be openly authentic, entirely genuine… 'I'm me, you're you—let's dance'.

I don't like the 'fake chumminess' which many use to peddle their wares. So I don't do it.

I'm entirely disinterested in deals where someone has to be persuaded, convinced and sold.

My ideal is simple: truth. Open. Honest. Authenticity. 'Turn up. Tell the truth. Smile.'

I'm fortunate to have a natural advantage…

With absolutely no element of 'I want you to want me', I honestly don't care whether someone reading likes my stuff and wants to buy…

If they do, fine… thankyou.
If not, that's fine too.

Why can't we allow things to be less contrived and more natural… the foundation of which is 'don't use bulls**** and deception to manipulate someone into buying?

Harking back to the days before we all ventured online, the real-world parallel is the salesperson who immediately leaps upon those venturing into their auto lot/clothes store/etcetera.

Rather than allow/enable/assist/encourage to discover at their own pace…

In trying to circumvent the 'exploration process', that path upon which 'know more' often naturally becomes 'no more', they use a plethora of gambits/tactics… 'tricks' to nudge the prospect their way and succumb to the 'you've got product' message and 'buy!' impulse cold-kiss-of-commerce as a skeletal hand reaches round and removes the Visa card from their back pocket.

Pity. We could have had a great time together. Instead, you tried to sell me something.

So please, lay out your offer and allow me to wander.

To roam. Trust me to choose wisely. And not.

Please be aware that, if I 'don't bother' to take time and make effort to 'receive the message', then we weren't really suited anyway.

Sure, we may have shared a toothbrush in the morn… but we'd never have stuck it out to the point of choosing bedlinen and gifts for the children.


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