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This, not that.

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'How' and 'why' matter.

I'm dismayed that business advice has increasingly become more fantasy than fact, and stuff which simply sounds good is favoured to that which is genuinely effective.

Whether cynically exploitative or merely incorrect, output from 'pseudo celebrity'-types is relatively welcomed regardless of merit… and stuff which is often immediately and/or long-term damaging is common.

A while ago, I read about how racing driver Lewis Hamilton doesn't enjoy driving in normal traffic.

It isn't because he's particular snooty/precious (or anything like that) but simply that he doesn't enjoy the lack of basic awareness/skill and courtesy/respect/decency which has become so common now among drivers.

Rather than 'expert vs amateur' thing, the issue is that many don't seem to bother or care about appropriate stuff and actively mock or jeer it.

For similar reasons I feel likewise about much of business.

Among other stuff I dislike about business-as-usual is how it rejects creativity and caring in favour of unthinking regimentation.

So yes, I have a respect for 'work done right' and the honouring of it.

There's something satisfying about doing (and soothing when watching someone else do) work to be proud of… meticulous, informed, work undertaken diligently.

It's a welcome counter to the daily grind of 'empty' stuff which is personally and professionally unsatisfying.

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