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A little something for the non-conformist in us.

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My unapologetically-harsh view on much of business.

Over the years, in defining just how I'll do business (often as much a reminder to me as an aid for those with whom I work), I've written a lot of stuff.

Some of it, in modified form, lives on elsewhere. And much of it doesn't, instead banished to the furthermost dark corners of one of my hard-drives.

One such culprit in the latter category now appears below, restored to prime-time in a fright-or-delight move to avoid any ambiguity about our culture here.

It's old, and anything-but-balanced, but still highly relevant.

Tim Sanders encouraged me to write a book about it. Maybe I should.

Cue rant…

With a hearty distaste for much of conventional commerce, I'm no fan of the great-blight-of-dullness mediocrity which is '9-5, business as usual'. It appeals to me about as much as using a lump of stove-wood to drive a large rusty nail through the bridge of my nose.

Somewhere 'twixt the seen-it-all-before yawnathon of the status quo and those dangerous possibilities of unchecked revolt lies a balance.

A way to do business in a much more human-in-a-good-way manner… and which makes it easier, life-enhancing, abundantly profitable and… fun!

Seemingly, only about fifteen people in the world really get this. Many more think they do, but clearly don't… they're too busy feelin' cool by reading and regurgitating the latest round of nonsense from whichever 'gurus' (and I use that term very lightly) are currently in-vogue.

My message is simple:

  • Explore and embrace the unconventional, outrageous and bizarre.
  • Get comfortable with the downright weird and alarming.
  • And leave the outdated norms in the dust.

You'll be much better for it. And if you think you won't be, you're dead… did nobody tell you to lie down?


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