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A little something for the non-conformist in us all.

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And 'Gonzo'?

Purposeful, provocative irreverence, spirited rather than staid… the core of gonzo is an attitude of deeply principled anti-professionalism… in the best sense—and that's a very, very good 'best sense'.

(Why? Because 'professionalism' too often impedes and blocks being human.)

It's about being a full participant in events, having a point of view, a deeply personal perspective. Gonzo is about being engaged. It's not distanced, impartial or 'objective'. And it sure ain't dull or timid.

Listen: in our quest to be accepted we're too often sensible and fail to grasp the potential of 'gonzo business'… enterprise enthusiastically undertaken with total authenticity and a distinctive style which may at times best be considered outrageously unacceptable.


Get on with your own life—leave me alone.

If, instead of this barely disguised rant, you were expecting something moderated and reasonable… Dorothy you're all-out of luck.

'This sure ain't Kansas…' consider what's here a  hand-holding  ass-kicking 'buck starts/stops/spins-on-its-axis here' exhortation of self-responsibility.

Live with a mad sense of panache… you gotta bleed a little while you sing—or the words don't mean a thing.

So per-leaze: Stop being safe—do something radical before you die. The money will follow.

And to those who say 'idealistic nonsense, can't be done'… you're of course right. So hunker down beneath the covers with your mug of cocoa, and be sure your necktie is straight in the morning. Or, wide-eyed hit the road and explore—go discover something great that reminds you why you're alive. It's your call.

For the 'only way out is through…' rest of us, that 'hot rail to hell' beckons. Now where did I put that SPF5000 sunblock?

Enough. For now.

Of course, this is much too extreme an attitude to integrate within my advisory and venture work, and so I'm trying to find a workable balance.

And, for a long-long-time, I thought that balance lay in toning-me-down for acceptability.

Of course, I've known that wasn't a solution, simply me being a tad-too-timid (with age, I've mellowed and have become much gentler).

The real 'fix' (if such a thing is required) is for me to remain as-is, albeit perhaps a sideshow-curiosity with some entertainment value, and for 'balance' to be found by having milder associates handle much of the day-to-day stuff in my businesses.

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