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Entrepreneur? Ha!

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'Pause, stop, start again…' I work only when I want to, and strategically take frequent refresh/recharge time-outs… watching the river flow rather than building bridges.

'Take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while', I've often needed (and been better for) a break… moreso since a significant burnout sometime around 2006-8 (I forget exactly when).

And I'm no stranger to 'failure'.

After the burnout, much of the next few years were hardly stellar.

I largely lost interest in business, and should have stayed even further away from it than I did.

With poor health and some even-poorer business decisions, 'twas a commercially-flat and frustrating period of false starts and premature ends featuring various this-way-thatta-way direction changes to no great result.

And, more recently, during 2018-21 I've willingly accepted a significant lack of physical and mental health as a reason/excuse to drift… several years of part-time activity.

So, 'that's life, move on…' I'm returning to full-time commerce, with perhaps three-to-five years of life left, during which I'll develop my own ventures rather than provide assistance to others.

Bluntly… these aren't 'dipshit little enterprises that barely cover their costs before disappearing up their rear-end just a few months later'.

The plan is simple: use my talent and experience to grab the significant financial payoff which is realistically available for doing my stuff.

I don't want power. And beyond covering my modest needs and wants, I really don't give a sh*t about money… my motivation is that I want to leave something for family and friends.

Anyway, that's me.

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