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'Explain almost everything…'

Infrequently updated snippets (currently 12 of 'em) about what I'm doing (and the thinking behind it), with some small-talk and a little propaganda.

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(3 minute read.)

What, how, and why. Etcetera.

Because my character and activity isn't always business-as-usual, some additional clarification is probably wise.

Rather than get into a debate about 'over-communication'… what it is and whether it's preferable and/or advantageous, I'll simply state my preference to over-communicate:

'It's often better to tell someone something they already know, or maybe thought was irrelevant, than to not say something they needed to hear'.


Remake, remodel.

(Less than a minute to read.)

Things change.

In place of the old 'full' site here's a radically-slimmed new one… because, now fully occupied with with my own venture projects, I'm no longer looking for work and hence don't need to pitch.

So I've removed much of what had been on-site… it's no longer relevant or appropriate.


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