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32 Traits.

'By these be the man defineth.'

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8 See possibilities.

Average people, people who don't believe they are creative, people who are fearful or resistant to creativeness or creative thinking, prefer to work within limits with limited possibilities. Creative people love to see many, even infinite possibilities in most situations or challenges.

9 Question asker.

Creative people, especially highly creatives, probably came out of their mothers wombs asking questions. It's in their nature to question. Question yes, not actually criticize. Their questioning nature often mistakenly appears as criticism when it is simply questioning, exploring, examining, playing with things as they are or might be.

10 Can synthesize correctly often intuitively.

This is the ability to see the whole picture, see patterns, grasp solutions with only a few pieces, even with major pieces missing. Creative people trust their intuition, even if it isn't right 100% of the time.

11 Able to fantasize.

'Stop looking out the window Billy. Susie pay attention.' Teachers, parents, and even friends often tell creative people this. Highly creative people love to wander through their own imaginary worlds. This is one of the major themes of the very popular cartoon strip Calvin and Hobbes. Both Calvin and Hobbes (Calvin's alter ego?) are perpetual Crayon Breakers.

12 Flexible.

Creative People are very flexible when they are playing with ideas. They love to look at things from multiple points of view and to produce piles of answers, maybes, almosts, when other people are content with the or an answer or solution.

13 Fluent.

It could be a door stop, a boat anchor, a weapon, a prop, a weight for holding down papers, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. This is what a creative person would say about the possible uses of a brick.

14 Imaginative.

Creative people love to use their imagination to play, to make seem real, to experiment.

15 Intuitive.

The more creative a person is the more they tap their intuition skills; the abilities to see answers with minimum facts, to sense problems even when they aren't happening.

16 Original.

Being original is a driving force for creative people. They thrive on it.

17 Ingenious.

Doing the unusual. Solving unsolvable problems. Thinking what has never been thought of before. These are all traits of a creative person that make them be ingenious at times.

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