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32 Traits.

'By these be the man defineth.'

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18 Energetic.

Challenges, problems, new ideas once committed to by a creative person truly excite them and provide them with seeming unlimited amounts of energy; such as Sherlock Holmes once he grasps a sense of the mystery.

19 Sense of humor.

Laughter and creativity truly go together. Many experts believe that creativity can't occur without a touch of humor believing that seriousness tends to squelch creativeness or creative thinking.

20 Self-actualizing.

The psychologist Abraham Maslow created this term in the 1960s representing the ultimate motivator of people the need or desire to be all you can be, to be what you were meant to be.

21 Self-disciplined.

This is one trait that appears to be ambiguous in highly creative people. They can appear disorganized, chaotic at times while at the same time they are highly self-disciplined. At the same time the greatly resist the discipline of other people who are not of like creative mind.

22 Self-knowledgeable.

During my life I have read biographies and biographic sketches or over 4000 people, mostly considered to be the highest of the highly creatives in their respective fields. One of the few things they had in common is that they all kept some form of journal and were constantly striving to better understand themselves.

23 Specific interests.

This is still another ambiguous trait of creative people. They appear on the surface to be interested in everything, while at the same time they have very specific interests that they commit their true energies and efforts to. By being willing to be exposed to seemingly unlimited interests they discover more about their particular specific interests.

24 Divergent thinker.

Creative people love to diverge from the norm, to look at things from multiple positions, to challenge anything that exists. Because of this they are seen at times to be off-key, deviant, atypical, irregular, or uncharacteristic.

25 Curious.

Like the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland, creative people are continuously curious, often child-like.

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