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32 Traits.

'By these be the man defineth.'

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26 Open-ended.

In order to explore many possibilities creative people tend to stay open-ended about answers or solutions until many have been produced.

27 Independent.

Creative people crave and require a high degree of independence, resist dependence but often can thrive on beneficial inter-dependence.

28 Severely critical.

Yes creative people challenge most everything, every idea, every rule. They challenge, challenge, and challenge some more to the point that most other people see their challenging as severe criticism.

29 Non-conforming.

Conforming is the antithesis, the opposite of creativeness and in order to be creative, creative people must be non-conforming and go against the norm, swim up stream.

30 Confident.

This is another ambiguous trait in creative people. When they are at their most creative they are extremely confident. When they are in a stage of frustration when nothing seems to be working they often lack confidence. After much positive experience they begin to trust themselves and know that they will become depressed, frustrated nearly devastated but their internal sub-conscious confidence keeps them moving or at least floating until they experience or discover an aha! (a breakthrough idea or piece of information).

31 Risk taker.

This trait is a general mis-understanding of many non-creative people or people who fear the creativeness of creative people. Highly creative people are not really risk-takers because they do not see what they are doing as a risk. They simply see it as a possible solution or path towards a solution. They have other possible solutions, often many others in their head or their notes to use if a particular idea or solution does work. As Thomas Edison once said when asked how it felt to have failed nearly 7,000 times trying to discover the best filament for an incandescent light bulb, those are not failures, they are solutions to problems I havent started working on yet.

32 Persistent.

Charles Goodyear (discover & inventor of vulcanized rubber) and Chester Carlson (inventor of electrostatic copying, the Xerox process: xerography) are two of the best examples of this trait in creative people. Both of them worked over 30 years trying to make a solution they discovered work. Creative people do not give up on things that mean a lot to them.

The higher the incidence of the 32 traits, the greater the creativity. Each, if emphasized mildly to strongly, aids creativity. Any, emphasized extremely, can yield disastrous results.

So yeah, traits etcetera… 'by these be the man defineth'. For avoidance of doubt, I hit 32/32. And…'emphasized extremely'? Honey, I don't even pretend to have them in balance.

With regard to #28… Highly creative people are often most critical of themselves and/or their work, and to a degree whereby they 'are their own worst enemies'.

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