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Run it? You're kidding… right?

Having outlined my preferences and strategy for outsourcing almost everything in my venture projects, just where I do I fit in?

That's simple…

My role? Use my perspective, abilities, experience, and contacts to birth things and then provide appropriate guidance and other input in a non-frontline position.

I certainly don't want to be 'boss', and even if I did I couldn't do it properly. I don't have the temperament or skill.

Besides, I'm getting too old for it anyway.

And with firm limits to the amount of my time and energy that I'm willing and able to spend on business, I prefer to work at a relatively gentle pace and frequently step away to relax in the garden or corrupt the grandchildren.

'Good consultant, lousy entrepreneur…' for years my preferred and most-effective role has been 'free-ranging, behind the scenes, providing advice and guidance without specific responsibility'. And that's what I'll do here.

I'll mother things through to stability, as much as is practicable in a background role which better suits my abilities and from where I can contribute and help appropriately.

Sure, I can do all the 'technical' stuff like writing marketing plans etcetera… and it's something from which I derive increasingly-less satisfaction.

'Songwriter, not singer', my strength has always been developing strategy. And I've too-often been lousy at executing.

So then… 'he was nominally the leader, but others actually ran the organization' my role'll be 'provider of romantic stimuli'.

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