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Romantic stimuli.

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It's in the way that you use it.

Romantic stimuli?

Huh? Read on, I'll elaborate.

Something I wrote many years ago is still highly relevant to my current activity…

'Not a military man, he was content to leave the soldiering and tactics to others.

Appointed with the bizarre title 'commandant unattached to any battalion', he essentially provided the romantic stimulus to the others, ingraining them with his notions of a free Ireland, in culture and language, and a willingness to sacrifice life in order to achieve these goals.'

That clip refers to Padraig MacPiarais, the Dublin-born educationalist, writer and patriot, leader of the 1916 Easter Rising.

To reduce the likelihood of anyone getting the wrong idea, I'll quickly reach the point…

Rather than 'boss of everything' anchor-and-executive, my preferred activity in my ventures has been and remains 'free-ranging fool, wandering about'.

Why? Because it better suits my abilities (and lack thereof), and there's also strategic advantage…

I can often easily and effectively reach people emotionally. (And, lest it be forgot… 'heartstrings pull purse strings'.)

So, as I return to 'work' (ha!)… in outsourcing 'almost everything' I'll still remain 'anchor and executive' in the various individual ventures, though with a lesser-than-normal hands-on/management role.

Embracing my inner Paddy Pearce, I'll provide the romantic stimulus … eschewing the hard-stuff of developing strategy, writing marketing plans, etcetera and instead focusing on the soft-stuff… of which an element is an active public-facing role of being 'engaging', an easy target for others to latch onto.

This 'inner game' stuff is a vital commercial expedient, often overlooked and misunderstood.

Years ago, when I taught this stuff to others, I used to mischievously ask ''provider of romantic stimuli'… can you get comfortable with that on your business card? Or delivering that line with a grand smile when asked 'what is it you do?'.

Of course they ****in' couldn't.
I can.

So yeah, written years ago and still relevant… the point being that, rather than trying to mould ourselves to fit others, we perhaps should instead respect our natural characteristics and 'show more of ourselves to more people'… it's not a process of persuasion, but reaching those with whom there's natural affinity.

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