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Dem bones.

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The hip-bit is connected to… something-or-other.

Outsourcing, continued…

Businesses are increasingly buying brainpower from suppliers in the way they have long-bought raw materials and equipment. Appropriate 'outsiders' can be a preferable alternative to insiders.

And yes, this *can* be expanded to include the management/executive functions.

The thinking that 'founders run their own business, the business is run by the founders' is a mindset of small business… in public corporations this of course isn't so.

Ownership is widely spread among people who don't go anywhere near running the business, the management and day-to-day control of which is of course delegated to paid employees (most of who have no ownership, with at-best some senior people having very small stakes).

So when considering that in major corporations what-gets-done is usually handled by the hired-help rather than the owners, whether they're employees or independent firms providing a service should be a relatively minor (and perhaps entirely semantic) issue… and one upon which I'm expanding and applying to smaller businesses.

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