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It stinks.

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The essence of marketing?

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Final part…

The good news is of course the impending 'you'll die' tail-sting. Just as AR's smug didn't-we-do-well scientists got eighty-sixed because they were messing with stuff they didn't understand, there's a similar demise waiting for those who didn't get their stuff together and are currently skating-by on luck and the ignorance of others.

  • The first wave of exits saw the passing of big-spending-but-clueless venture capital-backed dotcoms.
  • Round two wiped-out the 'here's another piccy of me and my poodle Carrie in a sweater I knitted for her' brain-deranged personal blogs.
  • And someday soon there'll be a sunrise which lays waste to retards who simply thought they were good, but instead totally sucked.

Got it? That short-term glory and false sense of security you enjoy now will later grab you by the bollocks (or whatever the equivalent is for ladybits) and cripple you into just another was-not-is statistic.

I know these things. I've seen the future. And whatever anyone tells you, it is based on the past. Good sense never goes out of fashion, but sometimes just gets temporarily submerged by a wave of dross.

Seriously, all that [earlier herein] 'enough, effin' enough' stuff is a very big  elephant  alien in the room, about which very few people are speaking intelligently, and the existence of which is something of which too many are blissfully unaware.

On a lighter note, here's a clip about the basketball scene in Alien Resurrection.

Update: That video may no longer be available*, so here's a quick explanation of the content.

With enhanced abilities from dna-merging with the alien, when basketball-sparring with a group of mercenaries Ripley makes a successful one-handed long-distance shot with her back to the basket. The shot was genuine, without trick photography.

*An appropriate video clip may still be here.

Hhhmmm… unsure whether to publish this, I'll 'yes' because it should add clarity to the values here.

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