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For hire...

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Expertise and experience.

Wanna dance?

At risk of appearing to be 'oh, so gauche' this is the stage in the proceedings where I blatantly whore myself and lift a c'mon-over-here-honey finger in your direction.

'If it's commerce, I can help. Probably.'

'Should you care?'


Do you have a message to convey, and stuff to sell?

If you operate, or are considering, a commercial enterprise I'm a useful guy to have around…

From concept, through launch, and way beyond.

Whether new-build, expansion or makeover, I can initially look-and-feel shape the operation, then guide detailed development through introducing and co-ordinating required resources of finance, personnel and equipment.

'Takin' care of business…'

Through advice and practical support I can:

  • Tell you what to do.
  • Help you do it.
  • Do it for you.

It doesn't matter where you are.
How big; or small.
On-line. And off.


'Take what you currently have and make it better… I'll help you do neatstuff!'

Affordably. Ethically. Effectively.
Passionately. Powerfully. Profitably.

  • I'll identify real and potential problems, which I'll then help you fix and avoid.
  • And opportunities from which you can benefit, which I'll help you achieve.

'Save and make you money.'

I'll directly impact your bottom line. Your enterprise will be easier, more fun and enjoy higher profitability.

Really? Yes. Really.
I can help. Try me.

Damage. Done…

'Before we go, a little shameless proselytizing.'

The kind of stuff I do is too often not fully appreciated.

In only considering the cost of hiring folk-like-me, some fail to even think about the 'cost of not'.

Wasted opportunity is expensive—something sadly not recognised by those who don't see the value and thus consider what's effectively a revenue generator as simply an unnecessary expense and hence attempt do-it-yourself measures.

Silly, really.

It's little wonder the failure rate of businesses is so high.

In a perfect world strategy-and-development (the what-how-why 'needs to be done' stuff) would be recognised as the essential investment it really is.

Although this may sound a little high-handed, it isn't meant to be snooty.

I've made plenty of mistakes in my life… wasting a lot of my time, effort and money.

Don't waste yours.

Chances are, you can benefit from my foul-ups and I'll help you avoid similar mistakes.

What can I do for your business? Make it better.

Curious? Enquire.

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