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Rogue Consultant?

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'Where does it hurt? What would you like to achieve today?'

Who? What?

I'm gulliver.
('Inexcusably pretentious name-change thing', that's my sur/whole name and the lower case 'g' is correct.)

A freelance business developer… through consults & ventures I design, build and repair commercial enterprises.

In addition to providing advice and practical support to businesses, I also start new ones by sourcing & co-ordinating the concept, the people and the money.

You have problems. I have solutions.

'So g, let me see if I got this straight… you talk to people about business and they pay you money?' Almost. Not quite.

'Ask, listen, guide…' I have conversations with people about their business.

We speak about what they're doing and how things are going… problems, opportunities, what they want to do etcetera… and I suggest ways to improve things.

Then, if invited, I ensure that what needs to be done, gets done.

Put simply, 'advice, guidance & practical support…' people pay me to tell them what to do… then help them do it or get it done for them.

Oh hell!, now what?

'A room full of dust and a broom to sweep with…' I thrive on shit-hit-fan situations.

I make it look easy… quickly fixing what's gone wrong and making damn sure it doesn't happen again… leaving clients with a business which is easier, more fun and with higher profitability.

And, as troubleshooter, I'll sort the stuff that's likely to go wrong… waaaaaaaaaaaaay before it's become a problem.

'Microwave not included.'

I don't do special reports, whitepapers, freebies, get-on-my-list email updates etcetera. I no longer even bother to maintain a 'read all this stuff' weblog.

What about 'just $19/47/97, buy now!' tele-class and other pre-packaged options?

Not here.

'It's all bespoke…' everything I do is different. And it all begins with an opening email or phone conversation.

So yeah, feel free to consider me a gourmet meal in a world of tv-dinners.

Let's do it?

Ok, I'm convinced. How do we start?

Reach me.

For those still using telephones, I can be reached on:
UK: 01803 500 900
US: 817-203-GLVR (4587)
[Numbers no longer in use.]
They're 24-7-365 straight-to-voicemail.
I usually return calls within 48 hours—often same-day.

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