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The no-bs copywriting, editing & proofing service.

A few trained monkeys senselessly bashing typewriters, and a small select team of talented & experienced writers & editors, 'we do words'.

We're all busy so let's get straight into this, and keep it brief.


Big words, small words, proud & humble; dancing together.

Long or short, hard or soft, formal or slang, aloof or cool; promo, tech manuals, book; web, print, spoken… whatever. Sure. No problem.

Just choose whether you want to come across like Kerouac, Kennedy, Oprah, or the guy next door.

Whether it's a seven-word campaign slogan or your next book, we can draft from scratch and write the whole thing, rework your existing stuff or just give it the once-over for grammar & typos.

We're available for once-off and ongoing work; and although we'd prefer longer-term association, out input can be bought in fifteen-minute blocks.

Whatever you need, we can probably cover it.


It's all bespoke, and everything's different, so there's no menu…

Simply tell us what you want and we'll tell you just how much it'll hurt.

The pitch.

What can we do? Simply, make you sound better than you really are.

We're good, we're fast, we're affordable. And we have style. What else could you possibly want?

So, if you're curious-or-serious interested and have something appropriate, let's talk about it.

Contact us.

Reaching us is easy.

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