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'I am, I said...'

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To introduce and inform.

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I remember something Peter Drucker said… in response to 'You're your own boss; you have choice assignments; clients come to you, not vice versa. How can I get a life like that?'.

Ask yourself 'Why should the client be interested in me? What am I offering that the client wants?'

And you must think through what form your relationships with other people should take.

Since you can work masterfully with only a handful of clients, you must choose the best. I listen with my inner ear to choose the right client.

So, the way in which I present myself is firmly geared toward that.

The answer to 'why should the client be interested and what am I offering that they want', is clear and unambiguous…

A more-than-competent service writ-through with authenticity and specifically geared toward those who feel similar to me about various things.

And I smile at someone once saying: 'To be honest, I'm not sure I get him but at the same time I really, really, want to.'

So yeah, it works and suits me (personally and commercially).

And yes, I've read all the stuff about how 'nobody is interested in you', 'nobody reads text, you have to have easily scannable web pages and images', 'you've a fraction of a nano-second to grab their attention or they leave' etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

And often it's true and applicable.

But not always.

'Be different, do the opposite of everybody else' can have advantages… particularly if you're 'interesting'—which too often, those in business aren't.

I've always got and lost work based more on my personality than my ability. Happily so.

My simple point here is that it's better to either focus on the service and not talk about yourself at all, or to instead strongly focus on yourself… it's no good doing half-measures.

And underplaying, rather than over-stating ability, is important; avoid self-lauding 'we're wonderful, first and foremost in our field since 1676' crud with house-size photos of yourself and other such vomit-inducing turdery.

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