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'I am, I said...'

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To introduce and inform.

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For me, far too much of business is waaaaaaay too dull.

I get that it often has to be 'serious'.

But 'dull'?
Nope. Never. No excuse for that.

Too often, over the years, I've wandered into places (premises and websites) and wondered 'Is anybody alive in here?'.

With so many overly-boring types populating the world, I say we need more high-spirits, and so, 'rather than laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints' structure my stuff accordingly.

I'm indebted to Roddick for:

'We communicate with passion, and passion persuades.

What we need is optimism, humanism, enthusiasm, intuition, curiosity, love, humour, magic… and that f-word: fun, the secret ingredient… euphoria.'

Am I serious about this?

Sure. Abso-lutely. Right-the-f***-on.

Mightily in favor of 'turned-on and fired-up', I try to make it 'less Drucker, more Kerouac… Hank Miller and Hunter-T rather than Bloomberg and WSJ'.

Sweatpants and sneakers, rather than slick suit and shiny shoes… song lyrics and movie quotes in place of all that spin-driven mumbo-jumbo like 'hands-on, cutting-edge, world-class, results-oriented, cost-efficient, client-focused, blah, blah, blah, bottom line, key deliverables, return on investment, increasing shareholder value, foremost in our field since eighteen god-knows-when, I-drive-customer-engagement'. Yuk! Double-yuk.

[Honestly, take yer 'sales funnel' and shove-it-hard where the sun don't shine.]

So, that's the style here: firmly (as far as can be reasonably achieved within a commercial context) 'build on personality' (rather than simply product or service)… with things loosely-wrapped in an open-and-honest 'spirit of authenticity' free-rolling conversational style.

Let's speak our minds and do our stuff in a way which makes sense to us, and with a warm invite to others to catch the vibe and join in.

Anyway… although I've little desire to exhume my archive, for perspective here's a few examples of previous stuff (sometimes of mine, probably from 2007-10 or thereabouts… too long ago for me to remember exactly when).

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